Advance Insurance Management Solutions Ltd (AIMS)

Advance Insurance Management Solutions Ltd (AIMS) was established in 2005 to provide specialist insurance products and services and to offer discounted products to our customers and affinity groups

Benefiting from extensive experience of the insurance market AIMS recognised weaknesses in the type of product that were being offered to the public by the insurance industry and in how these were delivered by Insurance Brokers and other intermediaries.

Utilising the power of existing affinity groups AIMS devised a strategy to distribute their products and services via the groups to member companies with common goals and needs.

The AIMS Team

David Nicholson
David Nicholson – Managing Director

Allan Colquoun
Allan Colquoun - Director

Claire O’Malley
Claire O’Malley – Senior Account Manager

Julie Wood
Julie Wood – Account Manager

Kareen Anderson
Kareen Anderson – Senior Account Executive

Alan Miller
Alan Miller – Account Executive

Laura Waters
Laura Waters – Account Executive

Our Insurance Products

Determined to make a difference and provide Insurance Brokers and other distribution channels with the facility to offer innovative new products and services to their clients at attractively discounted prices AIMS introduced a number of niche products

Keep Motoring

Most Motor Insurance Policyholders are aware that their Comprehensive policy will provide a courtesy car if the insured vehicle is in for repairs following an accident. However it is not commonly known that if the vehicle is stolen or written off no courtesy car is provided and payment on these types of claims are rarely settled quickly.

The client is without a car for this period unless he himself pays for a hire car and this is where Keep Motoring fills the void by providing a car following a theft or total loss. Our policy provides a hire vehicle for an agreed period (typically 10 / 14 days) until the claim can be settled and a new vehicle purchased.

We use the services of a national car hire company (Enterprise Rent a Car) who will deliver the hire vehicle within our agreed timescales thereby keeping our client mobile at a distressing time.

This policy is offered at very attractive premium and is typically sold by Insurance Brokers and Motor Dealerships as a recommended “add on” to the motor insurance policy cover.

GAP Insurance

GAP insurance provides valuable protection for the car buying public and tends to be purchased mainly from motor dealerships with the acquisition of a new car.

We believe that this disadvantages a large section of the insurance buying public, as they have no simple route to understanding the cover and to purchase the product.

By introducing a straightforward, easily understood product to be sold via the Insurance Broker market we intend to widen the appeal of this important asset protection policy. In addition we have been able to offer the product at up to 60% less than offered via motor dealerships

AIMS is authorised by the FSA under reference 495469

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